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Back to the Earth

Educators at Tiny Tribe Outdoors go out of their way to engage their students and inspire them to enquire and learn. Whether it is supporting a child's need to flexi-school for a while after trauma or support home educating families, we ensure that bespoke therapeutic routes can be brought to life, as well as offer structure and community to children on whatever their unique educational journey is.

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Setting the pace

As practice and outdoor site developers, we will work with you to get all your Forest school and outdoor learning space ideas and aspirations started. We know from experience, that actually knowing where to start, and work out what the priorities are is the tricky bit. From the regulatory elements or to be able to capitalise on recent training, or develop a well seasoned area that re-ignites enthusiasm get back outdoors after the colder months, we work with you to bring out the best in the space you have. Get in touch with us to discuss, or come by to experience this at Tiny Tribe. Call us for more information.


Play based interventions and therapy

Skilled Forest school leaders can offer bespoke programmes of remedial and therapeutic interventions for children experiencing sensory modulation and aversion challenges. Able to work alongside practitioners and SENCo's to guide and transfer the skills to them in supporting children in recovering and reaching their own autonomous learning functionality. Always through play, and always child led.



What's Coming Up

Words can only describe our learner led Nature based philosophy, a visit will let you experience it. Learn about our curriculum, community impact and how we support our children and community here at Tiny Tribe Outdoors. Contact us and reserve your place today.


Date to be advised early 2021

Our next open collaboration day will be held in May 2021. An opportunity to come together with other outdoor based practitioners and discuss current issues, practice, training and research, getting ready for the drier season to come. From 10-2pm, please book to let us know you would like to join us, costs £5 pp for a bacon butty and hot drink.


Postponed until Spring 2021

Our next training workshop will be later in the Spring season 2021. For all levels of interest, this practical team building day is full of ideas, tips and skills that can bring out the Outdoors practitioner in you too. From knowing the right knot for the job, to selecting the right wood for the best fire, this will build skills for all.

Cost is £30 per person, with lunch over the fire included. Starting at 9.30, please get in touch if you would like to be counted in to the gang for the day.

Contact us at to register your interest.


Tel 01227 462893 or mobile 07717417307

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